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It would be easy to say Linc and Cole is just about charming children’s clothing, but it wouldn’t be true.  The thing is, being a mom isn’t easy. It’s the hardest job out there and every single day mommas everywhere do the hard thing because it is what’s best for our families and ourselves.

Linc and Cole is about charming children’s clothing AND creating a safe space for like minded moms to chill, engage, and relax.

It’s about appreciating the small details and the small victories on and off the playground.

It’s about you and your family because we are all connected by the same values of love, craftsmanship, and community.

When Porsha Cole, the owner of this company, first conceptualized Linc and Cole as a designer boutique for discerning littles and their feisty mamas, she was drawn to providing high quality clothing for other families. Specifically, she wanted to create a brand where moms matter and your needs are seen and heard. As a mom herself, she knows how frustrating it is to buy cute outfit after cute outfit only to see it tossed after a few months (or weeks) of wear! It’s only fitting that her company name was then drawn from both her son and daughter (while remaining somewhat gender neutral). You see, Porsha previously dabbled in various business endeavors, but it was designing her own line of clothing for kiddos that provided her with the most clarity in her vision:

She needed to create clothing for moms and littles who didn’t want to sacrifice fashion for durability.

Children grow way too fast, but here at Linc and Cole we will provide you with your favorite outfits to last through childhood.  Grow with me clothing is extremely popular among smart parents because it allows you to focus on the styles.

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