Meet the Maker

Chances are, if you are reading this, you’re a fan of Porsha Cole’s work. Like you, she’s a laid-back mom who loves her kiddos more than anything and she is absolutely committed to creating unique fashion. You probably know her as the owner and designer behind Linc and Cole, but there’s so much more to Miss Porsha and her amazing designs.

For example, she’s an absolute pro at snuggling under blankets, watching Criminal Minds, and snacking the night away with her husband.

She’s a formally trained cosmetologist and her favorite client is her grandfather (she cuts his hair monthly).  

Though she wishes she’s gone on more adventures, she adores each opportunity she must travel, see the world, and make friends.

Porsha Cole is the brains and the eyes behind Linc and Cole, but she knows that her business wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for likeminded ladies like you. Thank you for visiting her site and thank you for being a proud supporter of handmade, elegant, and extraordinary clothing. If you’re ready to start shopping (and really, who isn’t), head back on over to the boutique and keep on clicking.

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