What are Wonder Weeks?

What are Wonder Weeks?
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First, what is a ‘wonder week’?

It’s a ‘week’ (really can be up to 10 days) that includes a lot of growth for your baby and as a result, you’ll find that your little angel is suddenly a fussy, weepy, clingy mess. Or just uber moody and uncomfortable. It can wreak havoc on a Mom - and everyone else in the house.

Why are they important?

The book talks about how these ‘weeks’ are vital to your little’s development. And, even though they’re uncomfortable and difficult to get through, they have a lot of benefits afterward. Your child’s brain develops so much during these weeks, and through the discomfort and emotion, your baby also gains both mental and physical changes that will help them grow.

How can I ‘use’ a wonder week to bond with my baby?

First, recognize that it’s a wonder week. This can be tricky because all babies experience levels of frustration and sadness. But if you’re noticing that things seem ‘off’, try on the idea that it’s a ‘wonder week’ and see how that helps.

Second, see this time as a chance to be your baby’s rock & comfort. Your little is going through something really tough. Give extra physical comfort and allow your baby to rely on you. Choose to enjoy the time they need to share their discomfort with you. Many specialists believe that babies express their discomfort in more ways than crying, but crying is the primary way. Listen to your gut reaction to comfort - even over bedtimes or other routines. You’re showing your baby that you care as much about his/her emotional well being as much as the physical.

Third, take care of yourself. Give yourself some extra self-care. It’s so difficult to give and give, you’ll need some support to create the patience you need to be there for your little.

Fourth, talk to your baby. Tell him/her how you intend to help and that you want to help them. Tell him/her that you understand that they’re going through something difficult and that you’re here to take care of them. According to ACOG and many other experts, the connection you create from sharing these soothing words can last into adulthood.

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