Planning for Holiday Togetherness

Planning for Holiday Togetherness
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Yeah, yeah, we know. The Holiday Season is upon us. We’ve got the trifecta of Halloween, Thanksgiving and then, December. (In which so many holidays are now crammed, that we believe ‘December’ is its own holiday. Haha!)

But in all this, you’re going to need a lot of help to keep your head on straight and the planning in control, let alone, to have fun with your family while all this holiday .stuff. is going on. There are plenty of other blogs that are going to cover the planning part, so the L&C Crew wanted to give you a few ideas for planning the TOGETHER and FAMILY part of the holidays.

Here’s just a few tips to help you keep your sanity through it all:



Sit down with the kids & your partner and chat about what the ideal holiday season looks like for everyone. Find out what activities matter to everyone and see what coincides. Maybe not everyone in the family enjoys the walk in the cold to see the winter glow in the park. But those who do could plan to go together. Decide what you want to go out/stay in and do - and decide on which things you’ll do together. Make a list and add it to the family command center (we use the fridge! Everyone eats!)



In addition to planning activities for everyone, be sure you build in some recharge time for yourself. Add a few holiday-centric activities, even if you plan to do them at home. For example: our team loves holiday manicures. Simple red nail polish and a good hand soak are just what Santa ordered for those who wrap a ton of presents or bake a lot. 


“I wonder what will happen"

Instead of setting up the expectation that every family activity will be filled with warm holiday memories, give yourself (and your family!) permission to take each experience for what it will be. Conscientiously say at the beginning of each activity, “I wonder what will happen?” and let the ‘perfect holiday activity’ unfold in whatever way it will.


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