Ideas for Mini & Stay-cays

Ideas for Mini & Stay-cays
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School hasn’t started juuuust yet, right? Don’t we have just a few more days?
L&C knows you’re going to be cheering like crazy when the littles are more occupied during the day (and who wouldn’t be cheering? OK, yeah, you, Mom-of-first-time-kindergartner… it’ll be emotional… we know…)
But before you get there, wouldn’t it be nice to squeeze out some adorably fun moments with the kids? 
That’s why stay-cays were invented.
A Stay-cay is your chance to be at home with the kiddos, not spending any extra money, but without all the distractions… whether it’s for an hour or a full day, carve out some time and give the kids a fun experience and a chance to bond.
Here’s some fun ideas:

So in Tents!

Gather some microwave s’mores and the iPad and head into your backyard with a tent. Whether you own a tent, borrow one from the grandparents, or grab one at the thrift shop, you can pitch that tent in your very own wonderland of a backyard and enjoy a movie under the stars with the kiddos!

Library to Dance Party

Head to your local library to check out some new world music CDs - check ‘em out, set the scene with some cuisine related to the music you found (cous cous is a favorite at our house!) and join your kids in steppin’ lively…

Speaking of, ____

Grab a Mad Libs template (found on Pinterest!) and help your littles tell a story, then create the crafts or grab some stuffed/furry toys to play-act it out!

Island Dreamin’

Can’t visit a beach? Create one! With a few towels and kiddie pool, some recycled sun chairs (or cushions, if you haven’t the budget) can turn your backyard into a zero-entry pool. Add a few beach toys (thank you dollar store!) for fun in the sun!
Get creative - what’s your favorite place to travel and how can you re-create the best parts at home?

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