Adorable Back to School Supplies

Adorable Back to School Supplies
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Oo, we just LOVE that fall chill in the air! And you know what that means? It means super cute office supplies! Here’s some supplies that both you and the littles will enjoy:


OK, we know - these aren’t good for tiny littles like Kindergartners, but we couldn’t resist. Everyone needs a few fun paperclips for all sorts of school purposes (school, right, school.)

You can find them on Amazon here


OMG, are these not the CUTEST little bookmarks? Your little kittens will LOVE these little kittens!

Add them to your reading routine by clicking here


Whoy gold foil? Yeah, these are the best for dressing up textbooks, notebooks, coloring books… and adding temporary labels to just about everything: lunch boxes, backpacks, first aid kits… (We love washi tape around here, can you tell?)

Get them here and make your next project shine!


So maybe you’re not into real cats, but you can love these tiny cat pens. Imagine how inspired your little will feel as they compose their essays and papers using these cuties.

They make the Purrfect gift for your friend's with furbabies!



Just some fun organizers for our last little back-to-school pick-me-up. Check out this little owl pouch that can hold all sorts of fun supplies and tiny toys.

You can buy them here
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