Getting Back to Basics with Non-Toxic Living

Getting Back to Basics with Non-Toxic Living
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This post is a segment in our series of posts taken from guest speakers within our Facebook Community, and I am so excited to share them with a broader audience through my blog. My mission is inspiring and empowering mothers by sharing simple and practical ways they can incorporate more joys into their daily lives.

I loved inviting Sabrina Guethlein to be a part of my group and to have her share a bit about her lifestyle with all of you. Sabrina is a backyard farming mom to four little ones living in Southern Indiana. She has a passion for helping moms homestead no matter where they live, teaching them to use essential oils safely in all aspects of their lives, and therefore removing the majority of toxic products out of their homes. I felt we all need some lessons on getting back to basics, so to speak, so I wanted to have Sabrina be our guest expert on this topic!

At first, I wasn’t sure exactly what “homesteading” was - my mind brought up images of Little House on the Prairie with Ma and Pa Ingalls and their little log cabin and some livestock out in the middle of a small town as we settled the western frontier back in the 1800s. But surely, that can’t be what Sabrina is talking about, right? Sabrina explained my image wasn’t too far off (well, no Nellie Olsen lol); homesteading is quite simply living as sustainably as possible. So raising your own animals for labor or food sources, planting your own food in your garden, and being able to make a lot of what you use within your home from food to clothing and furniture, and so on.

Sabrina stressed you can homestead no matter who you are or where you live to some capacity. So this was a takeaway for me. I always believed that I had to be someone with a lot of land or someone with a lot of home economics knowledge like Martha Stewart to be a good homesteader. But Sabrina stressed you can start where you are with what you have and do just fine. Whew! 

Simple Ways You Can Start Homesteading Today:

Start a Container Garden

Many fruits and vegetables can be grown easily in pots and containers even on a small patio or porch - so even apartment dwellers can do it! Easy examples would be potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, or a delicious strawberry plant.  Sabrina suggested start with tomatoes as they are fairly simple to grow, and most people know of several uses for ripe off-the-vine tomatoes (fresh salsa, homemade ketchup, a hearty spaghetti sauce, or even just sliced up on burgers or in a salad - mmmm!). If tomatoes aren’t your thing, squash is another popular starter vegetable.   

Cook from Scratch

This might seem really intimidating and maybe you are thinking the only thing you make is toast, but cooking can be simple and enjoyable. There are lots of easy beginner recipes on the internet and many even feature step by step video instructions you can follow along with.  You will find many recipes don’t take a lot of fancy ingredients, don't take that much time once you know what you are doing, and in many cases, can be less expensive than ordering out or buying prepared foods. Most people find they end up loving it, and it can be a fun family activity when the kids become involved. And what better way to get kids to eat than to have them excited in growing and cooking the foods! #parentingwin!

Shop the Local Farmers’ Market

Usually held during the summer months a local farmer’s market can be a great opportunity to find fresh produce. Some markets even have other local vendors who offer things like honey, handmade soaps, jellies and jams, and much more. Admittedly, you probably can’t do everything yourself, especially if you are just getting started.  Community is everything and a Farmers’ Market is a great opportunity to meet some of your neighbors who share a like mindset of doing better for their families.

Use Organic, High-Quality, Essential Oils

Sabrina shared a fact that the average woman uses over three thousand chemicals on her body before breakfast (yes, 3000!). Because of this, she started becoming more aware of what she was using within her home for cleaning, cooking, bathing, gardening, and more.  Sabrina took the time to educate herself about searching for better quality ingredients and found organic, high-quality, essential oils which she now uses for emotional support, wellness, cleaning, and care for her animals and garden.

Shady Creek Homestead Essential Oil Gardening Recipes

No matter what you do, do something.  As the saying goes, we don’t need one person homesteading perfectly, we need a lot of people homesteading imperfectly to make an impact on our environment and on the lives of our children and ourselves. Sabrina shares her lifestyle on her Instagram at @ShadyCreekHomestead. Or, to receive Sabrina’s newsletter on Homesteading and OIly Toxin-Free Living Tips you can sign up here 

To join my Facebook Community and hear more interactive teachings for moms like Sara's please visit us at Linc and Cole Minimalist Kids Clothes to Spark Joy in Your Closet.  We offer community, conversation, and inspiration for moms to live their best life. 



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