Celebrate One Year With Me!

Celebrate One Year With Me!
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As I come up on celebrating my year anniversary with Linc and Cole, I cannot believe the journey it has been in this short 365 days. I see how my company, my tribe, and I have all grown, and my heart swells like a proud mama bear in these Utah mountains! I thought this would be a great time to share a little about me and my company for those new followers who have joined over the last twelve months, and also to link arms with those of you with me from the beginning and look back as well as look ahead.

Sparking Joy

Linc and Cole is a line of gender-neutral grow-with-me clothing for children made of high quality, super comfortable organic fabrics in versatile solids and fun prints. When I first started my company I was a mom of two littles with a sewing machine and an idea of how to stretch my clothing budget for them during those early years.  Since then, I have realized Linc and Cole is so much more to families; my goal is to help take a little bit of stress out of mom-life. Sure, that includes offering high-quality comfort wear that grows, but I have also created an amazing community where mothers can uplift each other and inspire one another how to be the best versions of themselves.

I remember the early days, weeks, months, and years of motherhood. No doubt, my kiddos rock, but some times life was challenging (heck, it is challenging, what do I mean "was"?).  I noticed in some ways I was getting a little lost in being their mom and losing sight of who I really was as an individual and as a strong woman.

I never realized by creating children’s clothing, I could also cultivate a community for women and make a difference in their lives.  It’s one of the best feelings ever!

Growing Together 

Looking back at early clothing designs, photography, packaging and then comparing it to how we have evolved into what we are using today, I know we are on the right track. Linc and Cole has come to symbolize comfort, luxury, quality, and versatility. Even our packaging has more than one use - after shipping your order, each contains a coloring page on the inside lid. What a way to keep littles busy while mama finishes something on her to-do list for the day!

I have grown from a one-woman show sewing my own orders and shipping them out to my customers to now being able to employ seamstresses throughout the US. For me, this is part of the way I envision empowering other women, by helping them to stay home with their babes while still adding finances to the family and allowing them to utilize their special talents.

My brand has not been the only thing that has evolved within the last year. I see within myself I have found my own sense of leadership has grown.  A few months ago I took my first solo business trip weekend, and while it was hard being away from my family it was so worth it in terms of what I learned (and the love notes and facetime with my daughter Danae helped a lot too!) Knowing that I am a role model for my children and for other women is so inspiring and keeps me going on the hardest of days.

Touching a Million Lives

I only see our growth continuing, and my vision could not be brighter.  We have plans to expand to a line for adults launching in August. I mean, sure you wear your husband’s oversized sweatshirts now, but these are going to be so much more comfortable and stylish. And we will be able to offer more coordinating family styles in that way too.

I would love to also get more publicity for my mission of helping to empower women. I have found I have such a desire to speak and inspire others. So, I hope to develop a podcast in time, travel for speaking at conferences. One day: the cover of Parents magazine!

For now, I am hosting women over in my Facebook group. It’s more than a VIP group for my Linc and Cole customers, although we do offer some sneak peeks at new lines, contests, and giveaways there. The main purpose of the group is a nurturing spot. Social media is so noisy with competition, I created this group to be able to give back to women. I have worked with other entrepreneurs in the group to have them offer guest talks on topics relevant to our group like self-care for moms, maintaining a natural home, parenting support, and just so much more.  

I would love to have any women, especially moms, join us over on Facebook in my main nurturing community for now. I promise you will feel welcome, and you will hopefully feel so much more motivated and inspired after spending some time with us!  

You Are Made for More, Too

If any readers out there have the slightest spark of entrepreneur spirit in their hearts, I encourage you to fan the flame. Don't let your own individuality get lost in the roles of being a daughter, sister, wife, mom, employee (or whatever other hat you may wear). I almost let that happen to me, but I knew I was made for more, and now I am on the cusp of something so epic. 

Figure out your why and how you can make your circle of influence a little better. Decide what bases you need to cover to make that a reality. And know it may not be a direct line. Who knew I would inspire women by sewing gender neutral grow with me clothing?  You need to know why you’re doing this to be able to stick with it when things get tough.

And mama, know you are tougher than life's toughest days. 

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